T-shirt Tank Top

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July 12, 2012 by That's What Katie Said

This one is super easy. Like two minutes easy.

Okay, two minutes if you cut like I do…

I work out quite a bit these days, so this Pin grabbed my eye. I’m really picky about my t-shirts when I am doing anything active. By this I mean, I always roll my sleeves up, and prefer as little on my arms/shoulders as possible. Before I got Pinterest I just took a t-shirt and cut the sleeves off. But this is much cuter.

For this project,  I suggest using an old t-shirt (in case you screw up or don’t like the results).I also suggest using one that’s kind of too big. When done, the shirt definitely tightens up a little.

I have *tons* of old slash too big shirts so I’ll probably be making a lot of these. I have more ideas for different styles! On this post I’ll show you the two tank tops I made. They were “just like” the ones on the Pin.

1. This was the first shirt I cut. I got it for free at a sporting event and it’s definitely too big.

2. Next I cut right along the seams of the neck and the two sleeves. I honestly think you could skip this part because all you’re gonna do is keep cutting…

3. Next I cut a deeper neckline. I followed slightly different directions than the Pin. I cut down the neckline about 2 inches or so. I then folded the flap of fabric and made a crease to cut along. I did this for both sides.

4. Next I made a cut on the shoulders. For this I did it halfway between the neckline and the arm. Really this just determines how thick your straps (?) are. I ended up making mine a little thinner. But anywho, I made a cut, again about 2 inches. Then I cut just the front of the shirt down to the bottom of the arm. You can make the arm holes as big as you want. I cut both arm fronts, then flipped it over and did the same on the back. I made the back cuts much bigger. This is a personal preference thing. You can always start small and then cut more after you try it on.

5. Next I took one of the sleeves and cut a piece about 2″ by 8″. Then you pull both ends so that it curls up.

6. Tie the back of the shirt and there you go!

I’m so good at taking bathroom pictures.

But really this took me like 5 tries

Next I tried making the tank top with the “V” in the back. I think I’ll have to try again on this one to get it just right. But honestly, the shirt I used is so ginormous that it doesn’t really matter. I plan on using it for a swimsuit cover up.

First, here’s a picture of my puppy

I promise she has two front legs

1. Ok, pretty much do the same thing as the first shirt. All you have to do on the back, is cut the arm holes (I cut them much bigger this time). You also cut a deep “V” from the neckline. I’m not too happy with the way my first attempt turned out. But like I said, I don’t care too much about this shirt and it’s so big, it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Fluff is such a good little helper

2. For this one, I thought I would try to make a cuter tie. so I cut a much longer piece from my sleeve for the tie. When I tied the back, I tied it in a bow. I suck at tying bows. Whatevs. I also want to try tying it with cute ribbon. But I think to keep the ribbon on, I would have to sew it.

I recommend the antibiotic soap you’ll see there by my sink. It smells delishous. Yes, d-e-l-i-s-h-o-u-s.

This one took more tries than the last one. If you wanted to see what the hair on the side of my head looks like up close, you’re out of luck, I deleted all 7 of those.

To make this better, I can pull the tie up a little higher.

So there’s that project! I only made two shirts today, but I have a lot more ideas. If I make more, I’ll be sure to post pictures!

And yes, I went and worked out after this. But only enough to burn off the calories in the Starbucks Coffee I am now drinking. I felt like spending more time on Pinterest than peddling a bike. This is how I compromise.


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