“Let’s make a button tree”


July 10, 2012 by That's What Katie Said


“Like on Pinterest. You paint a tree on canvas and then glue on colorful buttons for the leaves.”

“Umm yes. Yes yes yes. When?”

And so it begins.  I got a Pinterest not too long ago (finally caved, I knew it would happen) and I already want to make and bake everything under the sun!

Now that I’ve essentially told you how to make a button tree, I’ll post some pictures of me and the Best Friend making our button trees.

First, we had none of the materials, except paint brushes, and started at like 8 at night. Talk about a scramble. Since the trusty Hobby Lobby was closed, we went to Walmart first. There we found a pack of 2 canvases for $10.  We also bought some acrylic paint (brown) and tacky glue for the buttons. Walmart’s button selection was HIGHLY lacking, although I did buy two packs of maroon, green, pink, and blue buttons. The problem was that they were all the same size and style.

With about 15 minutes to spare, we hurried to JoAnn’s where we both bought a TON more buttons. It’s probably a good thing that we had to pick and choose so fast because we could have stayed in that button aisle forever! We both got lots of different buttons – different in size, shape, and color!

First we got a pencil and lightly traced the outline of our tree. Jackie learned that pencil does not erase well on canvas – so I mean lightly trace. I’m not sure if Jackie made an outline, but I kind of just drew a single line where I wanted the branch to be, and then painted it however thick I wanted. I started with a thick brush and applied a blob of paint right to the trunk. This took a couple minutes to paint. Normally I go for clean edges, but since our brushes were probably a million years old and worth a penny, it just wasn’t happening. But in the end, I like that it has a rough edge, it’s more realistic. I used smaller brushes for the branches and worked from the inside out.

She ran out of buttons. But it’s OK, she took some of my blue and pink ones and it ended up looking great! The blue, I think, really made the tree.

This is the end result of my button tree. Gluing the buttons is the most time consuming part. I started by laying out all of the buttons, haphazardly of course. Then I took the tacky glue and worked in sections to glue each button. Originally I was going to go with the first Pin I found, but earlier this day, I found another Pin, and decided to use that as an example. It can be found by clicking on this sentence that is underlined.

Here are both of our button trees! Jackie made the comment (which I probably would have made too) that these projects are so cool, because they are essentially the same thing, but are both so different – just like our personalities! Jackie decided to add a bible verse to hers, which I loved. The original inspiration for button trees can be found by clicking on this sentence, which happens to be underlined as well.

Two days later, Jackie’s mom, Kandy, decided that she wanted a button tree too! But what I love about her button tree, is that all of the buttons belonged to her grandmothers (and some were hers). Not only does it look cool (like all the button trees do!) but it really has a special meaning.

Overall I would say this project cost anywhere from $15-$30 depending on what all you already had and what kind slash how many buttons you buy. Jackie and I had to buy everything, so we spent probably $20-$30 a piece. We split the cost on some things, but the buttons really made the difference. I bought larger packs for less, and she bought smaller, more special packs.

Now I have to go “Google more button projects on Pinterest” because I have so many left overs!


2 thoughts on ““Let’s make a button tree”

  1. Dot says:

    awesome job gals!

  2. These trees are wonderful!! What fun to have a crafting night with a friend! Thanks so much for the shout out on my tree, so glad you had a fun night :)

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